Hello, person.


I’m Hillary Wells. I do… um… a bunch of shit.

For starters I do stand-up comedy. I hear a lot of people say it’s scary, or that they want to do it but never have, or that they did it once and went home crying. I’m that weirdo that loves it. And quite possibly needs it. What I’m saying is that I know we just met but I need you. Too soon? Okay, moving on.

I also co-own a line of jewelry with my mom. It’s all made out of guitar strings because my whole family plays music. Well I should personally use the word “plays” loosely because with the exception of long-forgotten 5th grade piano lessons, and a version of Heart and Soul that isn’t pleasant for your heart or soul, I pretty much just sing.

Yep, I sing. Mostly blues. I’m from New Orleans so…

I cook tons of cajun and creole food. Like all the time. I’m obsessed with cooking. It’s probably the only thing that puts me in a meditative state aside from being on stage or being disorientingly uncomfortable in hot yoga. Oh and traveling to new places.

I travel a lot. Sometimes for work and sometimes for fun. It’s amazing but I always miss tf out of my dog.

I have the world’s most handsome dog and no one can tell me otherwise.

TL;DR: This is a blog about my general life experiences which are mostly comedy, travel, business, and music with bonus dog pics for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for being here. 🙂