Hello, person.


I’m Hillary Wells. I do… um… a lot of things.

For starters I do stand-up comedy. I hear a lot of people say it’s scary, or that they want to do it but never have, or that they did it once and went home crying. I’m that weirdo that loves it. And quite possibly needs it. What I’m saying is that I know we just met but I need you. Too soon? Okay, moving on.

My passion for writing doesn't stop at comedy. Over the past couple of years, I've been co-authoring a Young Adult adventure novel with my acclaimed uncle, Ken Wells. You can order a copy now or inquire with your local bookstore. And stay tuned for book tour dates coming soon! 🙂

Over the pandemic I, like most people, eventually said f*ck it. But my version of f*ck it was "I'm gonna create my own content." And by content, I mean my own unscripted television series driven by my passion for Louisiana culture & cuisine. You can find more info on all of these by clicking on the tabs above. We haven't sold it to a network yet, but if you know anyone... just kidding, we're still in talks.

Oh and one more thing: I have the world’s most handsome dog and no one can tell me otherwise. Thanks for being here!